Real Estate Mobility Solutions

A lot of what a country is about is its real estate. When the real estate industry is doing great, chances are that other industries are too. This is because real estate is the backbone of all the other industries. KenHike offers Real Estate Mobility Solutions that will help your business have a digital presence.
Saudi Arabia and UAE have a great real estate scene and the foreign investment happening in these shores are exciting to say the least. Our Real Estate Mobility Solutions are meant to offer individuals and companies a cost-effective digital presence that will drive revenue and long-term profits.

KenHike has worked with many real estate companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai by helping them create a digital presence which has let them have greater market reach. When you are targeting the global market, it makes sense to have a web or app presence for your real estate business that can be accessed with ease no matter which part of the world the user is in. KenHike will be able to give you digital solutions with which your customers will be able to visualize and track projects in real-time.

Real Estate Mobility Solutions for buyers and sellers

Development of the real estate industry is something that leads to development in all other sectors. So there is no doubt that this is an industry that does very well when there is more mobility. If you have a real estate business, having a web or app solution is not only important, it is necessary. For buyers looking for property, the right location is everything and therefore a mobile solution is the key to success in the business.

KenHike provides Real Estate Mobility Solutions that will help your users to do a variety of different things with ease such as the ones below:

  • 1 Find out which properties are available
  • 2 Using VR or Virtual Reality apps, they will be able to visualize the project without visiting the location
  • 3 Have a medium with which they can easily connect with property developers and property owners
  • 4 Using AR or Augmented Reality app, they will be able to visualize the project under construction

Other than the above, KenHike will also be able to provide you other services as well such as:

  • 1 Create an ecommerce marketplace meant for sellers and buyers of property for easy interaction
  • 2 Replace field service forms with apps
  • 3 Brochure and catalogue apps for marketing purposes