At KenHike, we are widely known in UAE and Saudi Arabia for our expertise in PhoneGap development. We will build you your app with PhoneGap. We have extensive expertise with this open source technology and our quick developmental time will ensure that your app is built and ready to run soon. So if you have an idea, contact us and we will build you a feature-rich and highly usable app with PhoneGap.

Our expert PhoneGap developers will create your app that will have no trouble running on all the major operating systems and mobile platforms seamlessly and also provide a highly functional and positive user experience on all levels.

Our industry leading best practices techniques will bring your idea to reality by giving you PhoneGap solutions that will meet your specific business, user or industry needs perfectly.

At KenHike, we will be doing deep analysis of your IT and business module needs so that we can build you a mobile app using PhoneGap cost-effectively and quickly.

The benefits of using PhoneGap

There are many. Some of the most important ones are mentioned below.

  • 1 Seamless integration across all major mobile platforms like iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android.
  • 2 Low developmental costs because your app will not have to be developed separately for each platform.
  • 3 High level of audience reach.
  • 4 Allows the use of JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 in the development of the app and the writing of the code.
  • 5 Access to open source technology community for help and support.

Above are just some the reasons why KenHike developers love using PhoneGap for building apps for our clients.

The developers at KenHike are experts and experienced in building apps with PhoneGap. We are skilled at JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 and this helps us to integrate these platforms in building you an app that meets your IT and business needs.

At KenHike, we always aim at providing the end user with an awesome user experience across platforms and devices so that our clients can make the most use of it to generate revenue. Our developmental times are fast and we bring cost-effective pricing to the table. Our PhoneGap development offering can be used by you to hire a specialist PhoneGap developer to complete your team or to get an end-to-end solution that will help you reach a broader audience.

Use the power of the PhoneGap framework to build the app you want.