High-quality healthcare is the demand most people have. The healthcare industry is slowly but surely waking up to the importance of providing a smart way for patients to get the care they need. At KenHike, we offer excellent Onsite Patient Care services that are focused on giving patients the care they need, when they need it.

Onsite Patient Care

Time is a serious consideration when it comes to getting medical care. Proper medical care should be easily accessible and a huge part of the healthcare industry has already adopted technology in their ongoing patient care programs. Our Onsite Patient Care services will let you put your company at the forefront by giving your patients easy access to the right medical care.

Healthcare medical apps are one of the fastest-growing segment in the app world. Having the ability to reach one’s personal physician or therapist in time is wonderful for the peace of mind for most people. This becomes more important when a patient is elderly and in need of emergency medical services. A healthcare medical app that understands the need of the patients and the value of time in providing medical care will be successful.

KenHike has already helped many individuals and medical houses come up with Onsite Patient Care or healthcare medical apps that bridge the gap between patients and their doctors. Delivering on-time healthcare solutions is the need of the hour, especially for elderly patients and our developers at KenHike integrates these needs into the apps we create for our clients. Post-surgical Onsite Patient Care is another demand that we get a lot from our clients. The requirements of a post-surgical patient can be critical and that is why having access to doctors is a need. Our developers at KenHike keep all this in mind when building the app.

Features that can be integrated within an Onsite Patient Care app

  • 1The ability of a bedridden patient to reach his doctor immediately
  • 2Measuring a wound using the phone’s camera and sending it to the care provider
  • 3Ability of the doctor to look at the past medical history of the patient he is assigned to care for
  • 4Tool to track and measure the healing process
  • 5Tool to predict the risk of pressure soaring

There is a lot more we can do with your healthcare medical app. So if you want one built or need more features integrated into an existing one, contact KenHike today.