Oil & Gas Mobility Solutions

UAE and Saudi Arabia are the leading exporter of crude oil in the world and the oil and gas industry is one of its major industries. There is no doubt that many other industries such as retail, medical tourism, hospitality, real estate and construction has seen a huge growth in the recent years but the growth in the oil and gas industry has been tremendous for the overall economic growth of the two countries. Though this is an industry that has not taken to technology as readily as others, the truth is that doing so can only bolster revenue. At KenHike, we have proven Oil and Gas Mobility Solutions on offer that will take your business to new heights.

KenHike is the leading name in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia when it comes to web and Mobile development services across industries. We have substantial knowledge of this particular industry which allows us to develop customized mobile app and web solutions that will give you ROI.

Our expertise in providing Oil and Gas Mobility Solutions

KenHike has worked and helped in the building of world-class apps and websites for the petroleum industry, whether it is upstream, downstream or midstream. Our specialty also lies in providing Support and Maintenance services.

Here’s a look at some of the features of the Oil and Gas Mobility Solutions KenHike offers:

  • 1Functionality for disaster recovery
  • 2Automated safety notifications and checklists
  • 3Monitoring and training
  • 4Creation of an employee database
  • 5Inventory support
  • 6Maintenance support
  • 7CMS setup
  • 8Project management
  • 9GPS facility for tracking of employees
  • These are only a few of the features we have provided to our existing clients. There is much more on offer at KenHike.

Why choose KenHike for Oil and Gas Mobility Solution services?

Here are some of the reasons to do so:

  • 1A great team of developers who have considerable expertise and knowledge about the oil and gas industry
  • 2Personalized solutions that work in an industry that is different from the rest
  • 3Leading web and mobile development service provider in UAE and Saudi Arabia
  • 4Result-oriented approach

KenHike is well-loved by our clients because we listen to their needs and then come up with ideas that meet them perfectly. Whether you are looking to create a website or an app to take your business forward or want a customized solution to ensure smoother processes, KenHike will help you.