Mobile Payment Integrations

Making payments using one’s mobile phone is something that has become very common in today’s times. The ease and convenience of using mobile wallets is making more and more people use their mobile phones to make payments. At KenHike, we understand what is at stake and that is why we build secure and high-quality Mobile Payment Integrations for our clients in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

At KenHike, we are aware that people find it easier and a lot more convenient to use their smartphones to make payments and get access to their loyalty rewards through the various mobile wallets available. It is the reason why ecommerce stores need smart Mobile Payment Integrations that enable their customers to pay easily online. As more people are shopping online now on their smartphones than ever, it is becoming increasingly important for ecommerce stores to have secure online payment options. Android Pay and Apple Pay are showing the way how Mobile Payment Integrations are done and we at KenHike are helping our clients achieve the same seamless online shopping experience every step of the way.

Cashless shopping will become the norm rather than the exception in a few years and so if you have an ecommerce business, now is the time to use KenHike’s excellent Mobile Payment Integration services to build your online store an online payment solution that is highly user-friendly. People like to go cashless but they understand how important it is to shop only at those online stores which have a very secure payment option.

Whether your mobile app or website needs Mobile Payment Integration, let KenHike’s experienced developers do it for you. If you have a favorite payment geteway you would like to integrate into your app or website, we can do it for you.

Industries that will benefit from Mobile Payment Integrations

Here are some of the industries KenHike has helped with Mobile Payment Integration services.

  • 1Retail: It is a no-brainer that if you have an online retail business, you will require a feature-rich and user-friendly mobile payment option.
  • 2Banking: This is another industry that we have helped time and again to build highly secure mobile payment getaways.
  • 3Hospitality: With so many people booking hotel accommodation online in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, having a way for your customers to pay online is the smart thing to do.

If you would like to enquire about our Mobile Payment Integration services, contact us at KenHike today.