Education Mobility Solutions

No country is going to develop and reach new heights without proper education. The education sector is always looking to incorporate newer technological advancements to attract the young generation. With smartphones and personal computers things that most students in UAE and Saudi Arabia possess, there is no doubt that going ‘mobile’ with education is a really great idea. Let KenHike be your Education Mobility Solutions partner.
KenHike is the leading name in app and web development services in UAE and Saudi Arabia with a proven track record and years of experience. We have frequently worked with educational institutions and businesses and we have never ceased to wonder at how well the young generation takes to technology. We have always found that making education accessible to the youth in a format they are comfortable with is something that yields results.

A wide variety of Education Mobility Solutions

We don’t only offer Education Mobility Solutions to clients who cater to regular students. We are also able to build apps that cater to children with special needs, autism or cerebral palsy. In fact, we have worked with a few clients who specialize in providing education to such children. We build educational apps that can be used for a good cause by schools and educational institutions so that they are able to provide the best education to every student.

Here are some of the core specialties KenHike’s Education Mobility Solutions offers:

  • 1Integration of your app to work in multiple platforms
  • 2Module training and setup
  • 3Third party app integration
  • 4Customized apps for educational sector
  • 5Creating dashboards for schools, educational institutions and universities
  • 6Ability for apps to share study materials seamlessly
  • 7Speech recognition tool
  • 8Creating apps that integrate VR and AR
  • 9Creating database for research and study material for easy access by students

Knowledge-based Education Mobility Solutions

At KenHike, we are experts at knowledge-based app creation. With a huge number of educational apps already available on Apple Store and Google Play Store, we have the expertise to build you an app that works on a knowledge-based strategy and which will give you proven results. Our app developers are the best in the industry and they have in-depth knowledge about the education sector. They understand that each app is different and meant for meeting different purposes.

If you have an idea and are looking for the right Education Mobility Solution, contact KenHike today.