If you have ever had the experience of setting up an ecommerce store and not have it perform in a way you wanted it to, then you should trust KenHike. We are the experts at providing customized ecommerce solutions to our clients based in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Ecommerce Solutions

In today’s times, having an ecommerce store is a necessary part of the trading process. But you need to think about ROI too. At KenHike, we understand the problems that prevent most ecommerce sites from getting the heavy traffic they are looking for and work to prevent them from happening with our projects. We constantly study the market and stay ahead of the latest trends and therefore we are able to provide our clients in Abu Dhabi and Dubai the best ecommerce solutions at cost-effective prices.

The truth is that most ecommerce sites fail because of pretty basic issues. Owners of such ecommerce stores are clueless as to what is happening that is making their visitors go away without buying. It may be something as simple as a badly-placed CTA button on the ecommerce store. So whether you want a brand new ecommerce store built and created or you want to get rid of the issues that are preventing your website from making a dent in the market, KenHike can help.

Some problems our clients come to us for

Some of the most common problems that we have witnessed plaguing ecommerce stores are as follows:

  • 1Problems with the navigation of the site
  • 2Problems with content planning and strategy
  • 3SEO
  • 4Badly sorting of products on the store
  • 5Security
  • 6Bad CTA
  • 7Inefficient checkout process
  • 8Confusing shopping carts
  • 9Bad website design

If you suspect that any of the above issues are hurting your ecommerce store, we are the right professionals to help you. We have proven experience in building and troubleshooting ecommerce stores to help them reach their true potential.

To get your ecommerce store on the right footing, you need developers who are enthusiastic and don’t mind going into the trouble to get it right the first time. Trusting our KenHike developers to use industry-leading practices to build online stores that are effective is a great idea. We take out time to study and analyze your problem so that we have give you customized solutions that will work for your particular case. Contact us today for the best ecommerce solutions.