When it comes to building cross-platform mobile apps using technologies such as JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 using adaptive and responsive techniques, our expertise at KenHike is pretty much unparalleled in the marketplace. There’s a huge range of platforms and mobile devices available, from Windows Mobile to Blackberry, Android to iOS, and that is why our experience in cross-platform mobile app development is such a good thing for you. We understand the powerful mobile development frameworks such as PhoneGap, Sencha, jQuery, Ionic, SproutCore and Ember.js, which gives us an edge because this helps us to design and develop native apps for the web that offer a look, feel and functionality that works across all devices.

Providing a great user experience is also something that we are famed for in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Our experienced cross-platform mobile app developers bring a world of expertise to the table by using an agile methodology that helps them create apps that are feature-rich and highly functional. We work hard to ensure that our clients get their needs met through us.

Cross-platform apps: The future is here

At KenHike, we have a proven track record in meeting the IT and business requirements of our clients in UAE. With multiple platforms available today, going cross-platform is the best thing to do if you want to reach newer markets with your app. From desktops to tablets, it is the era where people want continuation of their experiences at all times. That is why we offer:

  • 1 The desktop experience (rich end user experience) across all mobile devices
  • 2 Seamless functionality across Windows, Blackberry, Android and iOS
  • 3 Submission to stores as quickly as possible that will help keep developmental costs low
  • 4 Higher revenues

Choosing one platform for mobile app development is not a workable solution anymore for individuals and companies who are looking to expand their base. That is why at KenHike, we offer a comprehensive solution that will ensure that your app’s reach is never limited. Today, cross-platform app development is the need of the hour and we can help you meet your business requirements.

Customer satisfaction is the key to KenHike and we are known in Saudi Arabia and UAE for our open system of communication and always keeping clients in the loop through all stages of app development.

Our prices are competitive and you can contact us for a free quote today.