This is why Professional Magento Support is essential to keep your website safe and sound

Magento is one of the popular eCommerce open source platforms that is widely used across the globe. Comparing the interest shown towards Magento with its competitors by using Google trend can be used to understand the popularity of the Magento platform.

Popularity of magneto in comparison with its competitors

Magento is known for its high usability, easier navigation and robust customization which provide flexibility to the eCommerce site. But, it is essential to utilize professional support to manage technical difficulties while implementing Magento platform for a business enterprise. Magento design and development should also consider mitigation strategies to reduce risks associated with the process of migration. Failure to manage glitches may result in business loss. Magento support and maintenance is also essential to optimally utilize resources and features and to inculcate strategic flexibility of managing fluctuating market demands.

Migration to Magento 2 Magento 2 popular website verticals

Migration to Magento 2 will help business enterprises to harvest benefits such as improved performance and integration of popular extensions such as Paypal. Professional Magento developers will support the organization to migrate to Magento 2 from their existing Magento platform smoothly. Since eCommerce platforms act as a touch point for its target customer, any changes in the platform should be implemented after contemplating on its consequences and an effective contingency management plan should be used while implementing the changes.

Magento eCommerce Site Audit

Magento site audit can be used to identify opportunities for improvement in an eCommerce website by objectively measuring the performance of the site with industrial benchmarks. Magento eCommerce development should consider various critical success factors such as scalability, security, maintainability, and performance. Site audit can be used for other performance improvement measures such as speed and cost optimization.


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Magento extension development

Business needs will vary from one organization to another which necessitates the development of custom extensions for a specific business organization. Role of Magento eCommerce developers is crucial in providing extensions that fulfill the business needs of the organization. It is also worth mentioning that the extension development is needed to gain functionalities that will be useful to face emerging challenges in the market.

Ensuring eCommerce security Why Professional Magento Support is essential

Security is one of the determinants of customer satisfaction and service quality in eCommerce websites. Professional Magento support will help to improve the robustness of security arrangement of Magento websites. Given to the prevalent usage of Magento in the eCommerce, it is susceptible to security threats such as malware infection and SQL injections. Thus, professional Magento eCommerce developers should be employed to mitigate various security threats associated with the platform.

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