Why mobile-first approach as a design strategy?

As the need of responsive design is widely felt across various industries, mobile first approach has become a buzzword. Mobile-first is an approach to website development in which products are designed for small screens such as smartphone and then progressively enhanced to be suitable for larger screens such as the desktop. Numbers of internet users with commercial intent are more in smartphone platform than in desktop platform.

It makes it a necessity for business enterprises to adapt mobile-first approach. Organisations which do not adapt mobile-first approach are at the risk of losing a large number of prospective customers. Mobile-first approach caused a paradigm shift in digital product development by inculcating the principle of responsive design.

Adapting mobile-first approach has become a prerequisite for providing seamless customer experience through omnichannel service delivery. It is also worth mentioning that the contemporary trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) require a design approach that is capable of producing highly responsive digital products.

Lack of mobile responsive design will exert a negative influence on the customer satisfaction which invariably causes erosion of customer base. In order to improve the ability of a website to act as an information source, it is essential to adapt mobile responsive design. Penetration of smartphone transformed mobile application development from a niche business into the mainstream industry. Thus, mobile-first approach, apart from providing customers with the seamless experience, offers organization to utilize the opportunity of achieving sustainable growth.


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By integrating mobile-first approach with other methodologies such as agile approach, it is possible to create the synergy of responsive design and effective project management. Mobile-first approach transformed the business enterprises in such a way that user experience becomes top priority irrespective of differences in channels used by the customer to contact the organization. As a mobile app Development Company in Dubai, We know the importance of institutionalizing agile methodology in the development process.

It also offers organisation with the strategic flexibility of disseminating services in the integrated multichannel platform. It also becomes essential to embrace the mobile-first approach to gain competitive advantage. Mobile-first approach transformed the mobile phones from being a mere productivity tool into an integrated platform for sustainable customer relationship management.

Presence of constraints such as screen size limitations and less space forced business enterprises to be more precise in its content. Mobile-first approach can be called as content-first approach owing to the need of optimising the content for maximum quality. Opposed to the approach of graceful degradation, mobile-first approach follows progressive enhancement wherein experience of customers can be made seamless without having the need of degrading the preceding content.

On 19, December, 2017, Google introduced mobile based indexing for some websites wherein indexing is based upon the mobile version of the page instead of desktop version. Google also planned to expand mobile-first indexing to other websites in the future. This is a clear sign of influence exerted by mobile-first approach upon the practices of business enterprises.

It is conclusive that the mobile-first approach caused a paradigm shift in the website and digital product development. It is no longer possible to term mobile applications as complementary tools to the website since it is evident that the mobile application development is itself a separate industrial sector. Both iOS & Android app development are touch points of mobile first strategy of the organization.

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