Scope creep: Why you should avoid it while developing an app?

When you start to build an app, initially you would have identified a set of functionalities which you consider to be essential to realize the business goals. You are satisfied with identified functionalities and communicated the same to the developers. You allocated budget based on it, and the development process has begun.

Lack of planning

But as the development process moves on, you feel that the identified functionalities alone cannot help you to achieve your business goal. After further contemplation, you add some more functionality and communicate the same to the developers. You increase the project budget and changes project timeline. But even then you are not satisfied with the functionalities which make you add other functionalities. And not to mention you make relevant changes in the project budget and timeline.

This undesirable process of making constant changes in the scope of the project is the result of inadequate planning and lack of validation of initial project plan. This kind of uncontrolled growth of project after initiation of the project is called scope creep. You are planning to develop an app for the first time to leverage it for business growth; then you should be extra cautious about the hazardous scope creep by clearly defining expectations and defining every element in the project in unambiguous terms. You should leave no room for reinterpreting the functionalities required to produce the expected result.

Scope creep in app development will prolong project duration and necessitate the increase in project resources. As one of the top app development company in Dubai, KenHike is committed to adopting best industrial practices to improve our productivity and to provide maximum value to our customers. As a result, we institutionalized efficient scope management within our agile project framework. Our team always collaborates and interacts with clients to exactly decipher their business needs and to identify essential functionalities to achieve the business goal.


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Scope management does not mean that you should be rigid and should lack the strategic flexibility to emerging changes in the market. If a change is warranted and you can visualize the benefits of the change very well, then it can be integrated into the project. We always suggest our clients to go with the methodology of minimum viable product (MVP) in which application will be developed with most essential features, and then it can be improved by the addition of other features based upon the feedback of the users.

We also follow guidelines of PMBOK in effectively managing the scope while we develop apps on any platforms. We have already discussed on how to select a good mobile app development firm. Whether it is an Android or iOS app development company, it should follow the best industrial practices in management. So, always analyze whether an organization follows accepted industrial frameworks before hiring them for app development. This will help you to avoid undesirable events in a project such as scope creep.

Scope Creep

Scope creep is said to be a slippery slope from which recovery is difficult. Proper planning and exercising vigilance against project changes based on impulsive thinking will help to reduce the possibility of scope creep. The synergy between effective scope management and agile methodology is the need of the hour to develop a mobile application without scope creep and at the same time, capable enough to manage emerging changes in the market.

At KenHike, We use tools such as Trello board to ensure the app development follows a systemized development process that is not affected by unnecessary changes in the environment. We also interact with the target audience to know what they want and what functionalities are essential to fulfilling their needs.

It should be kept in mind that the concept “the more the better” is not suitable for mobile app development industry. The usefulness of a mobile app depends on the extent to which it fulfills the need of target audience. By closely studying the business need and proper planning, scope creep should be mitigated to optimize the process of app development to provide maximum benefits.

At KenHike, We are committed to building great apps that are intuitive and effective in fulfilling business needs. As an expert android and iOS app development company in Dubai, We have assisted several organization to develop their mobile app. Have an idea to build an app? We can help you. Contact Us: [email protected]

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