What’s new with iOS 11.3 introduced by Apple

Apple released the beta version of iOS 11.3 with advanced features on January 24 of this year. New features include but not limited to improved augmented reality, health monitoring and documentation and Animojis. It also comes with the solution for battery-related problems. KenHike, as one of the eminent iOS App developers in Dubai, always quick to explore any developments in iOS App development. Let us go through various advanced features introduced with iOS 11.3.

Health record monitoring

New Feature called Health Records in iOS 11.3 allows the user to store and retrieve various health-related data from multiple platforms such as hospitals, laboratories, and other numerous health applications. This feature helps the user to synergize various health-related information under one platform to achieve improved health monitoring. Security is one of the primary concerns in healthcare mobility solutions. And it is also inferable that security is one of the factors which exert a significant impact on iOS App development. Given to the fact that the health records of iOS 11.3 are secured through password protection and encryption, users need not worry about the security and privacy of the data.

ARKit 1.5 ARKit 1.5

ARKit 1.5 that comes with iOS 11.3 offers several improvements on existing AR capabilities. It provides a vertical mapping of surface apart from horizontal mapping which improves the ability to develop integrated AR applications. iOS App developers can use ARKit 1.5 to innovate in augmented reality field as an expert in augmented reality solutions in Dubai, KenHike is excited to leverage its iOS app development capability through ARKit 1.5 to develop robust AR solutions.

Animojis Animojis

iOS 11.3 offers four more Animojis such as lion, skull, dragon, and bear, making a total number of Animojis to sixteen. By using this feature, the user can record their expression and voice as that of the animals and send it as a message. Filters and lip syncs are used to render the expressions of the users accurately through Animojis.

Improvement in battery performance Improvement in battery performance

iOS comes with the feature of monitoring the performance of the battery and getting notified when the necessity of servicing the battery occurs. This feature helps to reduce the crash of the iPhone due to battery problems. This feature uses CPU throttling when the phone is slowed down due to poor battery performance.


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Business chatting made easy Business chatting made easy

By using the business chat feature, users can contact business representatives directly and can converse with them. It also offers options to buy products. Since the contact details of the users will not be shared with business representatives, there is no fear of getting annoying spam messages. It also empowers the user to stop chatting with businesspeople at any time.

Supporting emergency services

iOS 11.3 will assist emergency services by automatically sharing the location of the user when the user makes an emergency call. This feature is applicable for countries which provide excellent cell location.

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