What’s new in Android P DP1?

Google has recently released developer preview of Android P. It has made some worth mentioning changes in the developer version. Of course, we still don’t know what is the meaning of P in the Android P. But we have went through the developer preview and found some important changes from developer’s perspective. As one of the top android app developers in Dubai, KenHike always love to disseminate recent news in Android platform to the people. Here are the some of the notable changes that comes with Android P DP1

Restricting access to sensors by apps Android P & Sensors

Previous versions of android allow the application to access sensors such as mic and camera even when the application is in idle state. Android P reduces the privilege of application in accessing the sensors by prohibiting it from accessing the sensors when the applications are not in active mode. As the issue of security and privacy is gaining traction in mobile app development, this feature will help to make smartphones more secure

Support to notch design Support to Notch

Android P offers support to notch design in the smartphone. In order to actualize the concept of notch design, changes are made in elements such as status bar. Status bar is repositioned to accommodate notch design. As the smartphone industry is rapidly moving towards bezel less phones. The Android P update can be seen as a move to accommodate bezel less smartphones.


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Smart battery management

Android P comes with several improved battery management options. It offers adjustment of power utilization by mobile application depending upon the usage data. Smart battery manager is activated by default in Android P. The Android P also allows developers to customize charging sound.

Improvement in picture-in-picture mode Picture-in-picture

Picture-in-picture mode allows the user to view more than one window in the display with the sound from the main window. Predecessor of Android P also offers picture-in picture option. But Android P comes with options to increase the usability of the picture-in-picture. Unlike Oreo, Android P offers a setting cog that can be used to enable or disable the option of Picture-in-picture easily. Thus, you can expect easier navigation and increased usability in Picture-in-picture option in Android P.

Supports IEEE 802.11mc

Android P is capable of supporting wiki protocol IEEE 802.11mc. It assists the device to locate its position with respect to indoors. By connecting to the nearby three Wi-Fi points, then it can use triangulation to accurately locate the position of the device. The protocol uses round trip time to determine the location of the device. It can also be used to develop various applications that will use location based voice control.

Enhanced messaging facility Enhanced Messaging

Android P comes with enhanced messaging features such as ability to add avatars in messaging notification. Sender’s and receiver’s avatar in notification can offer personalized messaging experience. It also allows the user to use the facility of smart reply within the notification. The feature of adding images while messaging is also available with Android P.

Thus, Android P will offer improved privacy and improved utility value to the customers. We, at KenHike, offer services such as android and iOS app development. Want to develop a mobile app? Avail our free 30 minutes expert consultation service. As an award winning mobile app developer in Dubai, KenHike can help you to develop intuitive Android and iOS apps. Contact us at [email protected]

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