What are Android Instant Apps ? How to use Instant apps efficiently ?

With Android, Google has been coming up with new technologies and ideas that have made life easier for consumers. One very exciting concept that has made headway in the world of mobile app technology is Instant Apps.

Instant Apps can totally change the entire mobile app arena in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as Saudi Arabia. Basically, such apps are meant to bridge the gap between mobile apps and the mobile web. They are meant to be a win-win for both mobile app developers as well as consumers. Here are all the things you need to know about Android Instant Apps.

Android Instant Apps

Instant Apps can well be called a smart subset of the mobile app. Instant Apps let Android users experience the interface of the app without having to download the app itself. What this basically means is that the required code only runs on the user’s device which allows him to easily access the app. All the user has to do for this is to go to the app’s web link. This means that just with a single click, you can experience the app without downloading it onto your device.

To make Instant Apps possible, developers have to amend the source code so that the new standards are integrated. The background groundwork is very important in the case of Instant Apps which will include doing a lot of things and integrating IMEI, push notifications, IMSI AND Build Serial.

Why Android Instant Apps are the future?

Any smartphone user knows how important storage is. It is easy to forgo the downloading on an app due to storage issues. Most people in Saudi Arabia and UAE will download an app only if they feel that they will not be able to do without it. In other cases, they are happy to make do with the websites of the concerned apps, which can never match the app experience.

Google understands all this and that is why it came up with the idea of Android Instant Apps which benefit the owners of apps as well as enhances the user experience by providing a great app-like experience without any need of downloading. This enables users to relish many features of the app without giving their devices any burden of storage.


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Adding value with Android Instant Apps

No doubt this is a great technological innovation from Google’s stable, but understanding what exactly it packs for app-owners as well as for consumers is something worth studying. Here are the ways Instant Apps can add value.

  • 1Ease of access
  • The most important way by which Instant Apps add value to normal mobile apps is that they are so easily accessible by consumers. Just clicking on a link will let them use the app’s interface with ease. It is a quick and easy process because the user will not have to search for the app at the Play Store and then download and finally, install it. Just a click and it’s ready to use!

  • 2Free space
  • With Instant Apps, it is now possible for consumers to enjoy the app experience while keeping their smartphones free of clutter. It means that with these, you will not have to download an app that you use once in a blue moon. You can just use it, and then forget about it!

  • 3Saves time
  • Since there will be no searching involved, consumers will be able to save time. All they have to click is a single link and they will be taken directly to the app’s user interface.

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