What are the ways to accelerate your mobile app development process?

If you have an ecommerce business, having a mobile app for it can pretty much serve as its lifeline. If you have a user friendly highly functional mobile app, it can mean only good news for your ecommerce business. Apps are better able to connect with customers, engage with them in a better way and offer a promotion to the business. Ultimately it is a way to earn more revenue from your business.

Accelerate your mobile app development process

Having a mobile app will also help you with branding your business in a positive way. No doubt it is important that you run the ecommerce business perfectly but with a mobile app, you will be able to brand your business in the best way possible and target users who may be interested in your products.

Ways to accelerate your mobile app development process
  • 1Wireframes
  • A great way to accelerate the development stage is to work at developing wireframes and then use them to create designs visually. When you have wireframes in place, you are able to describe your product easily in the product architecture. It is a better idea to use low-fidelity wireframes because it is going to save a lot of effort and time of your users. Having such visual wireframes will let UX designers work with the architecture in an easier manner.


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  • 2Going hybrid
  • If you are trying to accelerate the mobile app development process, a great way of doing that would be to choose hybrid mobile app development. When you use this technique for mobile app development, the benefits and advantages of Xamarin and PhoneGap can be used. You will be able to target many platforms with just a single code base. This will greatly make it easier for the developer to work. Though there are some limitations with hybrid app development, the many benefits to be gained from it is too big to let it go to waste.

  • 3Automated testing
  • No matter how fast you want the development process of your mobile app to go, you cannot play with security. App security is something that should be paid attention to from the word go and a great way to ensure it is to choose automated testing. If you are able to build embed features into your mobile app, you can promise your users a higher level of security.

    Automated testing

    What you thus need to do is to run some tests that will ensure that your app security is good. The good news is that there are several tools out there which will make automated testing easier. There is also a framework for test automation available which you can use to enhance the level of security your app offers your users. What it does is that it saves you time that you would have spent on additional amounts of testing.

The above is just to give an idea of the techniques available that will accelerate mobile app development. There are many such ways to do so. The idea is to be innovative and use your resources in the best way possible.

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