Ten reasons why eCommerce firms should invest in developing a mobile app

Business enterprises are increasingly leveraging the mobile application to grow their business. It does not matter whether the firm is a startup or a big shot, the mobile application has become a necessity to sustain in the competitive eCommerce environment. There is no doubt about the role of mobile applications in optimizing the eCommerce business. Let’s see why investing in mobile app development is good for your business.

  • 1 Customers prefer mobile apps
  • Why Mobile App?

    A survey conducted by Compuware found that more than 80% of customers prefer mobile application over mobile websites while buying a product since the former offers more convenience than the later. 197 billion people have used mobile apps in 2017. This makes clear that companies can no longer show indifference towards mobile application as a business tool. Organizations can increase their customer base by using mobile applications as the touch points of e-commerce.

  • 2 Gaining competitive edge
  • Apart from investing in customer-facing apps, there is increasing trend of investing in enterprise mobile applications. A recent survey conducted among 1500 decision makers in various enterprises revealed that around 65% of them believe that the mobile applications are essential to ensure competitive advantage of the organization. Organizations can leverage mobile applications to increase employee productivity, increasing the access of tools by employees at the right time.

  • 3 Increasing the visibility of the firm
  • Once a customer installs a mobile application on his phone; he may see the company’s logo as app icon whenever he swipes the screen. It will contribute to increasing the visibility of the organization. By constantly reminding people about the organization, the mobile application ensures that the customer never forgets the brand. Another feature which helps to maintain constant visibility is the presence of push notification. Push notification can also be used to motivate customers to ensure a long-term relationship with the customers, organizations should use mobile application. Push notifications are effective than other types of promotion such as SMS since it do not require storage of data such as phone numbers of customers. Thus, mobile app offers organizations with opportunity to maximize visibility at cost-effective manner.

  • 4 Improving brand image
  • Mobile App and Brand Image

    Smartphone users use more than 30 apps every month, and at least nine new apps are launched every day. Mobile applications can be leveraged as an effective tool of marketing by providing the customer with excellent user experience and ease of doing business activities. More than 38% of customers in the survey believe that the mobile apps are very useful for knowing the discounts and offers given by the companies. Thus, mobile apps will contribute to increase in the brand image by providing customers with the good user experience.

  • 5 Better integration of social media platforms
  • By integrating features of various media platforms, mobile applications can be used to provide customers with experience that is analogous to social media experience. It will help the customers to get acquainted with the recent development of the company and review it by using the social media features. Social media experience in the mobile applications will further amplify the improvement of the brand image of the organization.


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  • 6 Google considers app while indexing
  • Google started to consider app content while performing website indexing as a part of its mobile-first approach to website search indexing. Google can index a mobile app by accessing sitemap file or by utilizing various webmaster tools. This channel agnostic trend of web page ranking is to be given importance to ensure that the website is ranked higher than the competitors. Thus, it is evident that the organizations can use apps to improve their position in Google web indexing.

  • 7 Improvement in sales
  • Mobile apps can be used to increase the sales in an organization by allowing customers to order products through mobile. Features of the mobile applications such as push notification can be used to increase the sales. It is found that a large number of customers spent most of their time in mobile applications than on the mobile browsers which in turn increases the probability of sales of products. Apart from increasing the revenue due to increase in number of users, Average revenue per user (ARPU) can be enhanced by increasing the time spent by each user on the app.

  • 8 Better data analytic capability
  • By using the data associated mobile application, it is possible to identify key trends such as customer preference and customer purchase decision. It can also be used to identify loyal customers and to devise comprehensive customer rewarding programs. Thus, mobile apps can be used to empower organizations with improved data analytic capabilities.

  • 9 Increased accessibility
  • Apps can be used to increase accessibility of the organization since it is more convenient for the users to go with mobile apps than to use websites. Increased accessibility will naturally improve the business by allowing the customers to make frequent shopping. Accessibility can be further improved by ensuring information continuity in the application.

  • 10 Improvement in consumer engagement.
  • Mobile apps provide great customization according to the specific needs of the customers which increase the customer engagement with the organization. The fact that more than 2.6 billion peoples use a smartphone is enough to know the importance of mobile apps in customer engagement. Push notification from a mobile app is analogous to a simplified newsletter which communicates the marketing message of the organization effectively.

Mobile apps can be a great resource for business development provided that you provide customers with excellent user experience and ease of use. It can be used by startups to compete with well-established organizations and to sustain a long-term relationship with the customers. An intuitive user interface will ensure retention of app users and expansion of existing customer base. The mobile app should also come with the features such as feedback to optimize the benefits accrued due to the app. Now, it is time for you to invest in developing an intuitive mobile app.

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