Why switch to mobile applications?

why switch to mobile applications?

Look around yourself , there’s probably 90% chances you might find heads tilted looking into small screens which have now become a mandatory part of people’s lives. Since the mobile has come handy people have started being dependant on it for most of the chores from shopping to payment of bills and also ordering food online everything has become easy and accessible. 2017 might just be the year where m-commerce will replace e-commerce. Yes of course websites are helpful and necessary but having an access to mobile application is just what people are looking for these days.

All this might just be the hint to why your business should also rely on m-commerce. If you are looking for valid reasons and why switch to mobile applications is the question in your head, here are a few answers.

Why switch to mobile applications? Mobile apps – saviour in disguise

As e-commerce emerged in the market m-commerce slightly created a shadow of its own. At present there are a few mobile applications that have turned out to be more successful than the website itself and have created an unique identity among the market. It is quite evident these days to find a mobile application for almost everything. How are mobile applications a saviour you ask?

  • 1Easily accessible by the consumers.
  • 2Continuous direct or indirect communication with the consumers themselves.
  • 3Instant response and immediate feedback.
  • 4Helps in market research and can be updated time to time.
  • 5User friendly and time saving.
  • 6Accessible from any place whatsoever.

Now do you think mobile applications are better? Not there yet , okay let’s talk numbers here.

How many people on smartphones?

This might surprise you but do you know that people have easy access to mobile phones rather than the computer system, yes that is true. 55% of people have their heads down on mobile phones while on the other hand only 45% have an access to desktops.

How many people on smartphones?

These numbers are definitely something you would want to think about and base your business decisions upon. Another thing is people who have desktops also have access to phones which just shows a clear reclination towards mobile applications in general.


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Do you have popularity among all age groups?

Well yes ,definitely. There is no doubt as such about the popularity of mobile applications among all age groups. Irrespective of the target audience your product or service is focussing upon, one thing is definite that they are all on their phones. As discussed earlier about numbers, it is evidently true that the consumers of your product or services are going to be holding a crowd of various age groups. Thus it is definitely important that the content on your application is understandable and acceptable by all age groups.

More interesting numbers

Did you know people spend about 1.54 hours daily on an average on their apps? On an average, smartphone users have 35 apps installed. Out of that, 52% of the apps are used at least once weekly. Smartphones have become an essential part of modern lives. With more than 82% of smartphone users actually consulting their phones before making a significant purchase, you must be able to understand the kind of penetration they have. There is an average of 53% growth in mobile sales every year.

More interesting numbers

As you can see, building a mobile app for your business is the smart thing to do. If you are in UAE or Saudi Arabia, trust KenHike for your web and app development. We are the trusted name in the industry people rely on.

At the end of it:

Yes at the end of it we conclude evidently that mobile applications are important and are a need of the hour. All businessmen and entrepreneurs who are looking forward to push the business further and are in need of easy customer access and satisfaction should start thinking of switching to mobile applications because as we have seen they are easy and amazing and yes how can we forget they come handy.

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Our services at KenHike are not only limited till writing articles about mobile applications but also helping creating mobile applications for the same. If you are looking forward to switching to mobile applications you should definitely try getting in touch with us so that we can give you the best application in the market.

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