A step-by-step guide to market your mobile app

It does not matter how great and amazing a mobile app is. Unless it is something that people are made aware of, it really does not matter how much joy it can potentially bring into their lives or what a great help it can be. So making sure that people know of its existence is important. An app is only a success if it is popular and is seen. If you are of the belief that simply launching the app is enough, you will be surprised to know that is not the case. Marketing your app is very important for it to garner any amount of success.

Understand who the audience for the app is Understand who the audience for the app is

Until you understand exactly who in UAE and Saudi Arabia happens to be the target audience of your app, how will you market to them? Forget marketing, how will you create an app for them? If you wish to build an app and have success in mind for it, the first thing to do would be to spend time studying the demographic for it. It may take you time but studies across Abu Dhabi and Dubai has shown that it is the time that will be well spent when you consider it after some time. Who the end user is for your mobile app is actually the starting point of building the app.

The design

The design of the app is actually a marketing component. This means that the design of the app is something that should be dependent on the end user. Now all users are not the same. They will vary greatly. But if you have the target audience in mind, understanding and making educated guesses about their design preferences will be easier. So do spend time on thinking about the design because it could make or break your app.


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The important metrics

Metrics are super-important if you want to market your mobile app well. Take the guesswork out and instead start digging out facts and figures to find out what’s clicking and what’s not. Whether it is conversion rates, retention values, ad revenues or download figures, everything goes into the marketing message. For this, doing surveys, getting your app reviewed and written about, and app store optimization is very important. The important metrics you should worry about are the number of app downloads, the bounce rate, number of unique users, app conversion rates and social media shares.

App store optimization App store optimization

App store optimization is an integral part of your app marketing and it is something you just can’t avoid doing. When you are competing with many other apps in the App Store, unless you have good optimization, you won’t be seen or heard. The techniques and strategies used in App Store Optimization are quite similar to Search Engine Optimization. The idea is to make sure that your app continues to climb higher on the search charts. So when it gets higher, you can be assured that it catches the user’s eyes and maybe gets downloaded.

The truth is that marketing your app is as important as marketing any other new product. If you were to launch a new brand of chips in the market, would you not market it? Well, the same thing is with mobile apps as well. The better mobile app development service company you hire, the better it will be for you. KenHike is the leading name in UAE and Saudi Arabia when it comes to app marketing. If you are looking to get an app built, you can trust them to do everything required to make it a success.

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