Which is the most preferred type of location based app?

GPS vs Beacons vs NFC in location-based apps

Mobile apps have brought people closer by breaking down the hindrance of distance. Now people can stay connected to each other easily no matter which part of the world they live in. Also, internet has made it possible for people to stay connected even as they bypass the expensive international calling rates of yore with the help of messaging apps which can be used to make free video and voice calls anywhere in the world.

Location-based mobile apps are making inroads in Dubai and Abu Dhabi by ensuring that users get the service they need depending on their location. Whether it is to find an ATM nearby or to know which pizza place is open at 2 am in the morning or to find where one’s car is parked, location-based apps are really great for a huge number of things. It is not true that location-based apps are only good for navigation. Instead they are good for things like tracking vehicle movement, locate people and handle logistics in a simple and effective manner. Here are the 3 technologies you need to know about if you are thinking of creating a location based app.

Which is the most preffered type of location based app? GPS

As long as the user’s smartphone allows GPS, location-based apps with GPS is not a problem at all. It is easy to find where a smartphone is located using GPS facilities it is equipped with. There are many advantages to be had with GPS such as the easy navigation it provides. Since it works in all kinds of weather, you don’t have to worry about GPS not working when the weather turns bad. When you compare it with other navigating systems, the cost of building an app around GPS is very low. You also get 100% coverage no matter where a smartphone is located on earth. GPS can be easily integrated with other technologies to build a stronger app. It calibrates itself and hence anyone can use it. There are however some disadvantages of GPS which you should know about. For example, it does not work underwater or where there’s a large block of concrete looming. GPS can consume a lot of power.


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Beacon technology lets store owners enhance the user experience of their walk-in customers. As small and comparatively inexpensive technology, beacons are great and let store-owners enjoy the narrow location of their stores to give their customers an improved user experience. Sales and promotional material can be transmitted with ease using beacons. The biggest advantage of creating a beacon-based app is that you get a goldmine of data regarding customers’ preferences and shopping style. Using beacons, a store-owner can ask questions to their customers regarding their spending capability and the things they like to shop for.


NFC is short for Near Field Communication. NFC is able to use short range communication technology which lets an NFC-enabled device to look for a transmitting device. NFC can be very powerful technology when used smartly and it is the technology that mobile wallets use to let users make payments. Another huge advantage of NFC is that it is very secure; in fact, it is more secure than a credit card. NFC technology can be pretty expensive and though the security it offers is wonderful, there are more risks to it getting hacked easily.

As you can see, there are several technologies you can integrate into your location-based app. At KenHike, we understand each of these technologies well and that is why we are a renowned name in Saudi Arabia and UAE for app development services. No matter what your business idea is in Saudi Arabia or UAE, we can build you an app that is suitable.

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