What are the best mobile payment apps available in UAE?

Not too long ago, cash was considered king. People couldn’t do without cash and they carried it everywhere they went. That was also a time when people don’t leave home without their wallets and if they did, they came back to take it. In this era, people can well leave their home without their wallets but god forbid if they forget their smartphones. The smartphone is one thing that today’s world cannot do without. Taking advantage of this mentality, mobile payment apps and systems are making hay while the sun shines.

Forget credit cards, because an entirely new concept of payment using smartphones has come out to change the financial world once and for all. This new technology allows smartphones to store credit and debit card information, loyalty rewards and every financial detail a person needs within an app, so that theoretically, a smartphone user does not really have to carry cash, a wallet or even a credit card anymore. Just the smartphone, and one is good to go! One piece of technology and there is no real need of anything else.

The success of payment systems like PayPal, which has been a leading name in global payments for a long time and which has recently entered the mobile arena, has made it clear to financial companies that mobile payment apps are here to stay. People in Saudi Arabia and UAE are looking for time-saving solutions that let them make secure and easy payments with a device they always carry: their smartphones.

The mobile payment apps started off small with not more than a handful of players. However, the past couple of years have seen more and more apps coming up which enable users to make payments in some way using their smartphones.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a major player in the game and it allows users to transfer funds to the retailers who accept it and also to transmit loyalty card information to the merchant. Though Google Wallet works only within the USA at the moment, there is no reason why it cannot be replicated in Saudi Arabia and UAE.


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Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet has been released by Apple as a way to beat Google at its own game and it has gone the loyalty card and ticket management route. What is interesting about Apple Wallet is that it notifies the user about points where they can use their loyalty cards and tickets nearby. At the moment however, Apple Wallet does not allow the storage of credit and debit card information.


This is an app that lets users transfer funds over Facebook Messenger, Twitter and LinkedIn. What is also great is that a feature allows users to see places nearby that accept Dwolla.

Samsung Pay

Samsung has entered the market looking to create a splash within the market. The best thing about Samsung Pay is that it requires very little from the user to work. It is easy to integrate Samsung Pay and users are able to load their credit and debit cards onto the wallet and use it with almost any merchant. What’s more, the merchant only has to update their terminals to be able to accept payment through this wallet.

As can be seen from the above, all the big players have already made a name for themselves in the mobile payment apps sector. To enter the arena, one requires very good in-depth knowledge about the prevalent mobile payment app system. KenHike is the leader in mobile payment app development in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and also in Saudi Arabia.

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