What are the challenges that Startups may face in mobile app development?

If you have a mobile app development startup, then there are certain challenges that you will most probably face. So here’s a look at 5 of them.

  • 1An overpopulated market
  • The truth is that there are millions of apps out there. There is no dearth of new apps being created every day. Perhaps the biggest challenge you will face as a mobile app development startup is to create an app which can stand out in the crowd. You may well come up with a brilliant concept and you may be thinking differently, but strategizing to make sure that you release your app in the right market may be something that can pose a huge challenge.

    An overpopulated market

    The best way to go about overcoming this challenge is to align the app with the end user. Understanding the user and what need the app will be fulfilling for them is the most important thing. As a developer, you will need to reach your target market in a language that your end users are comfortable with and only then will you be able to ensure that there is sufficient app penetration in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

  • 2Screen size and device compatibility
  • With the number of devices ever increasing, making sure that your app is compatible on all of them can pose a huge challenge. There are many screen sizes involved in multiple devices and therefore you will also find it challenging to ensure that your app works on all of them. If you are planning to release your app in Dubai and Abu Dhabi across multiple platforms, then making sure that it is compatible across all can be challenging. The only solution for these two challenges is to work on a responsive mobile app. It’s the only way you can ensure that the app works across all platforms and screen sizes.


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  • 3Too many development approaches around
  • As a mobile app development startup, choosing from so many different developmental approaches can be another of the major challenges you face. You have to choose between native app development, cross platform app development and hybrid app development. There are also many open source platforms available which you need to choose from. All this is important because it will decide exactly how your app performs.

  • 4Money matters
  • The truth is that money matters to all startups and if it is a mobile app development startup, it matters even more. To develop an app requires a significant amount of money and it is really not a one-time investment we are talking about here. So funding matters are sure to keep you awake for the beginning months after you start your venture in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

    Money matters

    No matter how great your idea is unless you have the funding pat down, you are going to face a lot of trouble. The only way to overcome this challenge is to make sure that you have a funding strategy in place before you start off. And make sure to keep thinking about funding throughout so as to not be in money trouble.

  • 5Marketing blues
  • Just developing a great app is only half the job done. Marketing it to the right audience is very important for it to really take off. Media planning is essential to make your app a success.

    As you can well see, there are umpteen number of challenges that a mobile app development startup may face. That is why hiring a mobile development expert to build your app such as KenHike is such a great idea.

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