How is the lean startup formula helping the development of mobile app?

How lean startup formula can be applied to mobile app development

The lean startup formula is one which can be applied to mobile app development. In fact, it is something that we at KenHike, the leading name in mobile app development services in Saudi Arabia and UAE use successfully. The most important advantage of using the lean startup formula is that it leads to shorter development cycles and a better end product.

We have always taken the maximum advantage of the lean startup formula in the building of our mobile apps. It not only makes it possible for us to deliver apps to our clients within a short time period, but it also enables us to cut costs, which means that it is win-win for all. This article will let you know more about this formula and the methodology involved.

What it is

The methodology by which the lean startup formula can be applied to mobile app development is the building and launching of new applications with the lowest amount of time and cost involved. Of course, lowest cost does in no way mean that it leads to the building of cheap apps; rather it means that cost-effective apps are being built. With performance optimization and risk mitigation the keys that are used in this methodology, the idea is to make the app fit for launching as soon as possible. So what we do is do the testing of the app quickly and confidently to find what is wrong with it. With most of the app development companies bringing in lots of convoluted tests for apps with little chance of success, our method works best because it produces cost-effective results. We quickly gather what is wrong and set about finding the best and quickest way to solve the problem. Ultimately, we have the best end product on the table.

How is the lean startup formula  helping the development of mobile app? Application

The most important purpose of using the lean startup formula for mobile app development is to find out whether customers validate the product. So from the beginning our developers work at bringing the first set of products out in the market. This is only for testing purpose. With Beta versions out in the market, it becomes easier for us to study problems and find ways to solve them.


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Guidelines to work with lean startup formula
  • 1At the first, put all concentration on developing the mock app and put it to test with users. Get the feedback from the users and then set about working accordingly.
  • 2Non-native prototypes are best because they can be built quicker than native ones. Also, you will find it easier to get feedback from users.
  • 3Your focus should be on the new features that your app has to offer. This will be interesting to users and they will be tempted to continue using the app for the new features.
  • 4Use good A/B testing tools and methods. This will pay off in the long run.
Maximizing customer satisfaction

Ultimately, it is not only a good thing for app development companies to use lean startup formula. It is good for customer satisfaction as well. Also, since the app-owner will be cutting costs, it is good for him as well. Such apps can be built and tested faster and hence they are ready for launching in the shortest amount of time possible.

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