Do our kids need to learn financial literacy via mobile apps ?

Children love to run wild and it is truly their right to do so. You don’t find adults running wild, do you? Understanding the minds of children and how it works is an important requirement for parents, teachers and caregivers. Children need to be left to their devices sometimes so that they can explore the world at their own pace and make their peace with it. In a previous time, parents and caregivers usually did not interfere with the child’s mental development and children were not expected to meet high standards. But in today’s times, many parents want a more structured path for their children to travel on so that their mental development happens in a more structured way. However, some parents don’t agree with this kind of parenting.

In Saudi Arabia and UAE, more parents are demanding that their children inculcate a rigorous life routine from an early age. This is something most children do not agree to and they are right in many ways. Sometimes, it’s okay to let kids be just kids. But it will also be irresponsible parenting if children were not exposed to the current technological and social climate globally. Adopting a middle path seems to be the best thing for parents.

Technology and children

Today, there are educational apps that have become popular among children and parents who don’t shy of giving their children access to these. A lot of parents in Abu Dhabi and Dubai let their children have free run on smartphones and tablets while some don’t let their children anywhere near electronic devices. But the truth is that education being such an important part of childhood, educational apps may be something that you could think of giving access to children. If an educational app is able to help children understand their study matter better, then why not? If such educational apps can make studies more interesting, then giving them access to these can be beneficial.


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Technology within a controlled setting

It is not uncommon for parents to feel uncomfortable about giving children access to technology and mobile apps at a tender age. They are right in a way considering that too much technology at a young age can mar children’s mental development. But the fact of the matter is that children are going to get access to such technology in some way or other. But if you were to introduce such mobile apps which will be beneficial for them and that too in a controlled setting, it is a good thing. If children understand that mobile apps and smartphones in general are not ways of escapism but rather a way to benefit from and learn, then it will be good for them as well.

Financial apps for children

There are many financial apps meant for children you could look into as well. Apps such as PiggyBot and Bankaroo are a wonderful opportunity for you to introduce your children to the world of finance. Money is something that the world revolves around and teaching your kids the importance of money from a young age is a great idea and it will serve them all their lives. Using such mobile apps is a wonderful idea.

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