How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

The amount of time people spend on their smartphones is pretty high considering the busy lives they spend. For instance, it has been found that Americans spend about 162 minutes every day on their mobile phones and it can be said safely that most of them lead pretty jam-packed lives themselves. From school-going kids to elderly seniors, smartphones are everywhere and no one seems to be able to live without one. So how much does mobile app development cost? Well, this article makes an attempt at explaining this.

Monetizing apps

Because the field of mobile apps is always developing, entrepreneurs are always looking for ways and means of monetizing them. There are a variety of ways by which mobile apps can be monetized but what entrepreneurs wonder about is how much it is going to cost them to develop an app that can be monetized with ease.

Monetizing apps Factors that decide mobile app development cost
  • 1Features
  • What kind of features you want your app to have is going to be a major contributing factor for how much it is going to take to develop it. While many apps are highly simple, some of them will be feature-packed and they will have an unending number of features. So the chances of them being more expensive to develop are high.

  • 2Back end server
  • The truth is that most of the apps that you get to see in the app stores come with back end servers. Only those which are extremely basic don’t need one. If you are an entrepreneur who does not have a big budget, going for a mobile app that does not need a back end server is a great idea.


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  • 3Platforms
  • Depending on the number of platforms where you are planning to launch your mobile app is another factor that will decide the development cost. The more the number of platforms you are going to launch it at, the more its development cost is going to be.

  • 4Mobile development company
  • The mobile app development company you hire is another big factor which will decide how much it is going to cost you to develop an app. The rates these companies charge depend on their popularity as well as experience. It is in your best interests to choose a company to build your app after a lot of consideration.

    Cost to develop an app
  • 5Future updates
  • It is best to calculate future updates into the overall development cost of a mobile app. This is important because for any app to be relevant, it needs to be updated regularly and it can cost quite a bit.

  • 6Android or IOS
  • Whether you are building a mobile app for Android or IOS is another factor that is going to determine the development cost. Development of android apps will take a longer time when compared to IOS apps. This means that you will probably be spending more money in salaries and overhead costs when you are building an Android mobile app.

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