What are the best tools for cross platform mobile app development in UAE?

Cross Platform Mobile App Aevelopment

If you are in the mobile app development sector, then knowing about the 5 best cross platform mobile app development tools can be really helpful. But before doing that, knowing what purpose cross platform mobile apps serve is a good idea. A native app is something that has to be built separately for each platform and that can be time consuming and expensive. That is why enterprises as well as developers today like building cross platform mobile apps for the simple reason that they are going to work across platforms. The low maintenance cost is also an added advantage you get when you choose to go cross platform. So here is a list of the 5 best cross platform mobile app development tools.

  • 1PhoneGap
  • PhoneGap is an excellent development tool that a majority of developers prefer over theirs for the simple reason that it is easy to develop mobile apps on it. Using it requires no special skills and any developer worth his salt will be able to use it. Using standard technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Java, one will be able to build mobile apps.

  • 2Sencha
  • This is another terrific development tool that is loved by developers across the world. The best thing about this tool happens to be the fact that it saves a lot of time and thus it brings down developmental costs. It is very easy to start using Sencha and the good news is that when you use this, you will get access to Sencha Architect as well, which will make the development process easier and faster. The first thing to do is to develop the HTML code using Sencha and then convert it for use on iOs and Android platforms.


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  • 3Xamarin
  • If you are looking to build mobile apps for iOs, Android or Windows, this development tool can be a great choice. You will have to use C# development language if you use Xamarin and it will let you create robust apps. The sharing of code compatibility and native API access are two of the reasons why Xamarin is well-loved among the developer community. In fact, its partnership with Microsoft, Xoriant and IBM should point to the fact that it is a great little tool to use for mobile app development.

  • 4Unity3D
  • This is a great development tool for developers who want to create 3D games. With support for 3 programming languages like Boo, Javascript and C#, it has a vibrant online community and a great Asset Store. If you want to have amazing graphics in your gaming app, using Unity3D is a great idea. What’s more, when you use this development tool, you will be able to save on time as well as be cost-effective about the process.

  • 5Cocos2D
  • This is another very popular development tool for developers looking to develop 2D gaming apps. It is also great for interactive apps. While Unity3D is something that will help you build both 2D and 3D gaming apps, Cocos2D will let you build only 2D gaming apps. The best thing about this tool is that it is open source and hence it is free. You will be able to build gaming apps for multiple numbers of platforms.

Cross platform mobile app development is the name of the game today when there are a multiple number of mobile devices, operating systems and their varied versions around. The best thing about it is that there is no trouble of maintaining the apps in the multiple platforms it has been developed for. KenHike is the leading name in mobile app development in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

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