What are the best practices is hiring a mobile app development company in UAE?

Smartphone technology is at a tremendous growth phase and to make sure one does not become a ‘’me too’’ version of a mobile app, an enterprise should choose its mobile app development partner with a lot of care. There are many things to consider when thinking of offloading the task of building a mobile app and an individual or an enterprise should make sure to do some homework before hiring.

The key challenges involved The key challenges involved

Some of the key challenges of pinpointing the right app development partner are:

  • 1If you are not conversant with the technology, it can be difficult to gauge the technical skills that the potential partner possesses.
  • 2Outsourcing works best when there are specific guidelines provided but with mobile app development, the process has to be agile and therefore too specific guidelines can prove to be problematic.
Here are the 3 best practices when it comes to finding a mobile app development partner
  • 1The proper skills
  • The most important thing to do would be to come up with companies who have a known reputation for having the proper skills for app development, they should also be aware of the correct processes involved in getting an app right. While your enterprise will be giving the specific business requirements of the app to be built, it is up to the partner company to bring in innovation and expertise into the whole process to create an app that is just right. Devices are constantly being inundated with operating system updates and though your mobile app should be of the latest version, a good partner will tell you to update the app only for major updates of operating systems only. Make sure that the partner you choose actually tests the app in real devices and not just on simulators because they may not serve the real picture.


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  • 2Agile working practices
  • You will find most app developers very comfortable with detailed specifications and they will work at creating an app that meets those specifications. However, it does not always work perfectly and unless the partner you choose understands the importance of agile working practices, it can be troublesome for you. Not only should the partner build you an app, you should also be getting help regarding strategy for the mobile space as well as business-oriented ideas. For example, if you are developing an app for the retail space, the partner you hire should have a good knowledge of beacon technology.

    Tool and technology choices
  • 3Tool and technology choices
  • The mobile app development partner you choose should be able to offer you a wide variety of tool and technology choices. You should be able to get native, hybrid and mobile web apps. It is also important that the partner does not in any way use licensed libraries and tools. Having a clear discussion about ongoing and licensing fees is also important for you to do. Also, the partner should also be able to provide you help with back-end systems and strategic support. Also, in case you want to do the development of the app in-house, the partner should be willing to transfer the training and knowledge required.

The pace at which mobile app development is happening around the world can be overwhelming if you are just starting out in this sector. That is why choosing the right mobile app development partner is so important. If you are in Saudi Arabia or UAE, you cannot go wrong with KenHike. It is the leader in mobile app development services and has all the qualities you may be looking for in a partner.

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