Which is the best hybrid mobile app framework?

Hybrid mobile apps are pretty much like the mobile apps people have on their smartphones. One can find them at app stores and they can be downloaded with ease on devices. With such apps, it is possible to play games, have a chat with friends, track health and fitness and do a lot more. Built with a combination of more than one technology, such as CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript, Hybrid mobile apps are called so because they get hosted in native applications that utilize your smartphone’s WebView. What it basically means is that it lets such mobile apps be able to access accelerometer, calculator, contacts, camera, etc. These are things that a mobile browser would not let an app access. Hybrid mobile app development is something that developers today seem to be loving.

CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript

Following are the top hybrid mobile app frameworks,

  • 1Ionic
  • This is a mobile app framework based on HTML5. It is a framework that is well loved by the developer community residing in different parts of the world. It is easy to develop interactive and rich apps with this framework and that may be one of the reasons why developers love using it for mobile app development.

  • 2Mobile Angular UI
  • This is another hybrid mobile app development framework that developers frequently use. Some of the great features that this framework has are Angular JS, Bootstrap 3, sidebars, switches and overlays.


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  • 3Intel XDK
  • This is another framework that is used for hybrid mobile app development. Since this has been created and developed by Intel, you can expect this framework to be very good. This can also be used to develop cross platform apps. The great thing about this framework and why so many developers are using it in today’s times is that starting to use it does not take much time and effort.

    Also, it is free and all one needs to do is download it and start working on it. Also, it has several great templates you can use to start working. With live previews available which can be used while you are on the development stage, you can be assured that this framework is one you would like to use again and again.

    Intel XDK
  • 4Appcelerator Titanium
  • This is an open source mobile app framework that can be used with ease for hybrid app development. It lets you build your app that can be downloaded and used on multiple platforms. At a time when there is stiff competition in the field of mobile app development, developing one app that can be used on multiple platforms is the way to go. You will have everything you need in one place and you won’t have to go anywhere else. There are code samples and even tutorials that you can use to get started.

  • 5Sencha Touch
  • This is another much loved hybrid mobile app development framework in the developer community. It can be used to create apps for Blackberry, Android and IOS, which is great news for developers.

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