AI based Chatbots: The future of businesses with mobile apps

For businesses, it has become important to adopt technology in a variety of ways for the simple reason that reaching out to more customers becomes easier. One of the newest technologies that have become very popular is Artificial Intelligence or AI, which gives amazing opportunities to businesses.

AI technology has brought into play Chatbots, which is a responsive technology that has been built using messaging platforms and AI. Chatbots is wonderful for business organizations that are looking to maintain and improve customer relationships. A majority of people aged between 18 and 55 loves to interact with companies via Chatbots, which says a lot about their usability. Chatbots can be found widely in mobile apps and websites.

Chatbots allow businesses a way to be more interactive with their users and gives them fun ways to engage with customers and clients. Though Chatbot technology is still in its nascent stage, if you look at the huge rate of adoption, it can be safely said that more and more businesses are going to adopt it. That is the reason studying Chatbots and how they are giving empowerment to businesses with mobile apps is so important.

What it is

A Chatbot is a feature that lets businesses interact with their users using Artificial Intelligence. Google Allo, Siri and Aexa are all examples of Chatbots. The newer Chatboats even have the ability to interpret the tone of voice users has to determine the range of emotions he is feeling at the moment.


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Lovely way of interaction with customers

Chatbots give businesses the opportunity to make interactions with customers lively and fun. Artificial Intelligence ensures that businesses using Chatbots are able to provide greater customer satisfaction by giving them real-time remedies to their problems. With natural language processing, users feel as if they are interacting with a real live human being on the other side. What’s more, it spells great news for the financial aspect because Chatbots are a lot less expensive than having a real live human being as customer care representative. Also, Chatbots are available 24/7. Chatbots can improve the user experience of mobile apps.


Just having a mobile app may not be enough in these competitive times. But if a business were to integrate a Chatbot with a mobile app, then users will enjoy the feeling of talking to a live person representing the company and also get their problems resolved no matter the time of day or night. Chatbots are able to handle a large number of users simultaneously which is impossible for any live custom care representative. The easy access to Chatbots will also let users subconsciously develop a good relationship with the business.

Chatting as a way of communication

Today, the majority of smartphone users are comfortable with chatting on their phones and thereby by giving them the option of chatting with a Chatbot, businesses will be able to better meet their expectations and requirements. Artificial Intelligence make Chatbots able to understand a particular user’s needs and that is the reason why they are so popular. A business which has integrated Chatbot into its mobile app will almost certainly see a rise in customer satisfaction.

Education of the customer

In all this, businesses also need to understand the importance of educating their customers. Unless the customers know how to utilize Chatbots, they will still be calling up the customer care phone number whenever they face an issue. That is why making them aware of an easier mode of communicating with the business is something that needs to be done.

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