5 ways the Amazon’s Alexa will impact mobile app development

Virtual assistants with artificial intelligence capabilities are significantly used in various industries such as healthcare, lifestyle and retailing. One such personal digital assistant introduced by Amazon is Alexa. Alexa is used in home automation, business, healthcare, music and online retailing. It allows the user to perform a task through voice interaction and it is supported by robust artificial intelligence capabilities.

One of the features, which I am sure will create excitement among mobile app developers, is its ability to accept skills that are developed by third-party developers. By using this feature, Alexa can be customized and integrated with the mobile application to perform a specific task. World Government Summit 2018, held at Dubai and attended by several app development companies of UAE and elsewhere, concluded that artificial intelligence should be promoted extensively to improve the quality of life. Let’s analyze how Alexa will impact the mobile app development.

Seamless user experience

Seamless user experience provided by a mobile application differentiates it from thousands of applications present in the market. It will provide strategic value and competitive advantage for the organization. User experience is responsible for retention of the customer by mitigating user fatigue. Integration of Alexa with the mobile application will improve the perceived quality of a mobile application since it will provide a customized experience to the users. Some prominent brands such as Starbucks and Uber have already started to utilize Alexa with the customized skill set in their mobile apps. Thus, one of the major ways by which Alexa will exert significant influence on mobile app development is the improvement of user experience through Alexa skill Kit.

Customer analytics Customer analytics

Alexa can be leveraged to improve business decision making the process of the organization by providing important data about customer behavior. Research on Alexa showed that the customer behavior is positively influenced by it and it motivates them to use the device frequently. The frequency of usage of a mobile application can be improved by integrating Alexa with the app. An organization which uses Alexa can gain data advantage over its competitors since it provides crucial information about consumer behavior holistically. Thus, Alexa can be leveraged to improve customer analytics capabilities of a mobile app and to exert a significant positive impact on the customer purchase behavior.

Hyper-personalization of mobile app Hyper-personalization of mobile app

Personalization of mobile app in accordance with the expectation of customers will improve perceived service quality of the customers. By leveraging the power of data advantage provided by Alexa, the mobile application can be used as a tool for providing hyper-personalized experience through understanding the mood, behavior, and interest of the customers. Alexa can be used to gain emotional artificial intelligence which is necessary to provide customers with a hyper-personalized experience. A good mobile app developer should always strive to make application tailored to the exact need of users and Alexa can be used for that.

Internet of Things

Alexa can be used by app developers to make applications that materialize the concept of the internet of things. The application can be used to make smart homes and to control various gadgets through voice control that is offered by Alexa.


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Improving decision making

By using Alexa, business enterprises can also use deep learning to make suitable decision making. It can also be used to make workplaces more customized to employees and to automate certain business activities such as initiating video conference just by giving a voice command. Apart from increasing the accuracy and correctness of decision making, utilization of Alexa can fasten the process of decision making. It can also be used to manage multiple inputs during decision making which cannot be effectively handled without the power of AI. Improvement of business decision-making process can significantly improve the business values of the application and will help the organizations to improve their revenue.


Alexa has much to offer for App developers and designers. Given to the competition present among app development companies in UAE, app developers should be quick to adopt innovation in the industry. App developers should leverage Alexa to make their applications intuitive and innovative. We, at KenHike, help our clients to achieve their business goals by providing them with an exemplary mobile application which made us a top app development company in Dubai.

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