5 easy tips for building loyalty in your mobile app customers

5 Easy tips for building loyalty in your mobile app customers

If you are a smartphone user, you must have a favorite app. It is the app that you keep going back to whenever you can. Now think about what makes you do this. It can usually be attributed to the customer experience you get. For instance, if your favorite app is Amazon and you keep going back to it even during times when you are not looking to shop, it must be because the customer experience they provide is awesome.

When you are building a mobile app, ensuring customer loyalty is the key to success. Here are 5 tips for you to do exactly that.

  • 1Employee great communication
  • It’s really all about the kind of communication you make with the customer. With maximum business coming from loyal customers who keep coming back, every business worth its salt in Abu Dhabi and Dubai know how important it is to communicate effectively with old customers. The problem that most mobile apps make is that they think that communication is just a trivial thing that can be put on the backburner, but that is hardly the case. Making sure that the customer listens to you is very important. For instance, Amazon employs some great communication strategies that make their customers feel valued and important. From the time you sign up, they make sure that you are always referred to by your first name. It is a great strategy and one you can adapt with your mobile app.

    Employee great communication
  • 2Make sure the customer knows your expertise
  • As a mobile app, you have a certain key expertise. Make sure that your customer knows about this. For example, if your mobile app is about selling the cheapest second-hand books, reiterate it multiple times so that the customer knows that it is your USP.


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  • 3Employee loyalty
  • Ask any business owner and he will tell you that he values his employees as much as he values his customers. That’s right, it is very important to ensure that your employees know that you value them and that is the only way you can win customer loyalty. With your workforce, make sure that you adhere to the principles of integrity, teamwork, long-term partnership, consistency and valuable decision making. The company culture will affect your customers as well. If you are good with your employees, they will pass it on to your customers which are a win-win for all.

  • 4Customer stories on social media
  • Using social media is a great way to ensure better customer connect. If your mobile app has some great customer stories, then share them on social media to let others know about it. For example, if your mobile app is about sourcing the perfect dresses no matter what, what about sharing the stories? A would-be-bride may have been looking for the perfect wedding dress for her nuptials and your app may have got her the one she was looking for. Such stories help more people connect and are a great way of improving brand loyalty.

  • 5Have a reward system in place
  • Having a good reward system in place for your mobile app is a great idea and will build loyalty. Let your loyal customers know how much you appreciate them by giving them points or rewards which they can redeem later.

There are many ways you can build loyalty for your mobile app customers. KenHike is the leader in app development services in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Let us know what you are looking for and we will build you an app that will make your customers happy.

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