4 ways you can optimize push notification to improve your business

Push notification serves as an effective tool for engaging customer with a brand. A survey on finding the utility of push notification showed that more than 70% of customers consider push notification to be highly valuable. At the same time, customers prefer to opt out of push notification if notifications are frequent and do not provide any values.

Why push notification?

By following best practices such as sending notifications that are relevant to customers, push notification can be used as an effective marketing tool. Here are the five strategies which we have to follow to optimize the push notification for the business growth.

  • 1 Avoid overloading
  • Sending notification frequently without offering any values to the customer will irate them and may force them to opt out of the facility. Push notifications should be used only when there is need of communication with customers such as the announcement of discounts and a reminder of events. A highly relevant notification will help the organization to maximize the benefits. On the contrary, frequent notification without any relevance will negatively influence the brand image of the organization. Thus, avoiding overloading of notification is one of the ways to optimize the benefits of push notification.


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  • 2 Using data analytics for identifying notification strategy
  • Understanding the customer is a prerequisite for developing a suitable notification strategy. By leveraging the power of data analytics, the organization should identify factors which influence customer decisions. Relevancy and optimal frequency of notification can also be identified through utilizing data analytics. The time at which the notification has to be pushed can also be fixed by determining the time at which the customer is most engaged with the phone. Notifications can also be customized according to the characteristics of different customer segments.

  • 3 Adding interactive elements
  • Rich Interactive notification

    Push notification can be made interesting by allowing customers to perform actions such as clicking links that will take the customer to a specific landing age. Rich push notification can also include elements such as video, GIFS, and images. Adding interactive elements increase the usefulness of mobile applications and provide the improved user experience. iOS platform further improved the interactive elements in push notifications by adding the feature called raise to wake in which display will be awakened when you take the phone, and you can see the push notification even without touching single button in the phone.

  • 4 Personalization of push notification
  • Personalization of push notification allows an organization to establish personal touch with the customers. It will empower the organization to improve the user engagement in the mobile app. Customer data can be used to personalize the push notification. Personalization can be further enhanced by integrating in-app actions into the notification.

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