4 things to consider while developing mobile gaming applications

Every day, hundreds of mobile app games are being developed. But only a few of them are able to sustain in the industry. More than 90% of the revenue of Google Play is from the mobile app games. Number of downloads is no longer considered as an only metric to evaluate the success of a mobile app. Metrics such as daily active users and total user spending time are also being considered while assessing the outreach of mobile games. As an Android and iOS app development company in Dubai, we know how different are the gaming apps from other types of apps. Lets us see some of the factors which you should consider while developing a mobile app game.

Android or iOS Android or iOS

Choosing correct platform is important since it will exert influence on development process from the beginning to end. It will also impact the budget of the game development. For example, integration of payment gateways in Apple is 15-20% more costly than that of the Android platform. Apart from selecting the platform, you should also decide whether your game needs to compatible with older versions of the platform which also impact total development cost. While selecting a platform, you need to consider demographic factors associated with the target audience such as country. Depending upon the penetration of particular platform on the country, you can decide whether the platform will be suitable or not.


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Seeing things from the customer’s perspective

The success of a mobile app game largely depends upon the extent to which the app is able to deliver values perceived by the customers. Thus, analyzing the target audience is an essential thing before starting the development process. Design of the game should be planned by considering the genre (Such as strategy, sports, and social) in which game will be published. Before launching the final version of the game, it is essential that you get feedback from the customers through beta version and integrate the suggestion into the game. The user interface of the game should be user-friendly. An intuitive UI/UX will help you to differentiate your product from existing mobile app games. To understand the way of interaction of customers with mobile apps, you can use tools such as touch heat maps. You can use accepted industrial methodology such as waterfall or agile methodology to make the development process more systematized and to optimally utilize project resources.

Ease of use Ease of use

Ease of use plays a crucial role in ensuring continued support from the customers. The architecture of the game should be capable of providing a seamless experience to the users. The design should not have any glitches which slow down the gaming or hamper the user experience. You should take loading time of the app into consideration and should minimize it to provide optimal user experience to the customers. As one of the top mobile app developers of Dubai, we know the need of ensuring ease of use through excellent UI/UX. It should be noted that UI and UX are different. Both UI and UX are required to provide consumers with excellent gaming experience. If you are planning to develop games which require an internet connection, you need to ensure that the performance of game does not deteriorate with the reduction of bandwidth. It is to be mentioned that the app which loads slowly is not the one which is preferred by any customers. Thus, ease of use should be given adequate importance to ensure retention of users. Apart from retention of users, ease of use will also generate positive word of mouth which is essential to expand the consumer base of the application.

Take care of backend Take care of backend

If your app is powered by application programming interface, it may require backend support. While analyzing the functionalities of the app, you can determine whether your app can be efficiently operated with a local database. If it needs API, then it is essential to provide adequate backend support to ensure seamless consumer experience. Releasing the game is not the end of the development process. The product should be constantly improved based on user’ feedback. We, at Kenhike, provide our client with intuitive mobile apps. Feel free to use our 30 minutes free expert consultation on transforming your idea into a mobile application. We will be happy to help you to develop your dream app.

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