At KenHike, you can now get customized inexpensive Beacon solutions for your business marketing. We are the leaders in providing Beacon solutions across UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Beacon Solutions

In today’s times, getting your marketing message across to the people you want to can be a difficult task. That is where we come in. Our Beacon solutions will help you reach your target audience in a cost-effective manner so that you can get your marketing message on the road. Our beacons when located at strategic locations will help you ensure that your marketing planning gets started on the right foot.

Why should you use KenHike’s Beacon solutions?

  • 1It will enable you get across your marketing message in the right place and at the right time.
  • 2It will enable you to know exactly where your targeted consumer is located inside your store so that he/she can be given directions to a product or segment of the store that may interest him/her.
  • 3It enables you to interact and engage with your customers better.
  • 4You will be able to get your hands on valuable customer-centric data that will help you maximize your ROI.

At KenHike, we always stay updated on the latest trends in the digital spectrum and we know that Beacon solutions’ are changing the way industries look at their consumers. If you are in the retail business, then you will be able to make the most of the virtual world with our Beacon services. It will let you connect to your consumers when they are shopping which can mean the ultimate user experience for them.

Using our Beacon solutions can change your business for the better

How? Well, here’s an insight.

  • 1The data you collect can be used by you for future marketing or sales promotions.
  • 2It will help you understand how your consumers are interacting with your store and the products you have on offer.
  • 1You will find it easier to conduct promotional events such as treasure hunts, scavenger hunts and the like which will increase consumer engagement.
  • 3A conference or event you plan will be far more interactive.
  • 4You will be able to send your consumers instant discounts and deals which will keep them hooked.
  • 5Our Beacon solutions do not drain too much battery power.

KenHike’s location-based Beacon solutions are world-class and can help your business reach great heights.