When you use Augmented Reality (AR) solutions, you make people come closer to your product. At KenHike, we are the leading name in providing Augmented Reality solution services to individuals and companies in UAE and Saudi Arabia. With our help, you will be able to create video software solutions that will give a whole new look to the real world with the use of computer-generated images.

Augmented Reality Solutions

At KenHike, we are experts at developing Augmented Reality solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which bring the real and virtual world very close. As such, our products will appeal to the senses of your customers better. Our Augmented Reality offerings are aimed at being a wonderful way of improving the sales and marketing dynamics of our clients. AR is something that is used across industries as a way of reaching out to people in a better way in this digital world.

At KenHike, we pride on being experts at being bold in the use of advanced technology to build products our clients love.

Why should you consider Augmented Reality solutions?

Here are specific reasons why doing this will yield you benefits.

  • 1Your users will be able to interact better with your products and services.
  • 2You will be able to create interactive and educational resources.
  • 3You will be able to give accurate self-instructions using AR.

How industries are using Augmented Reality solutions

The fact is that today AR is being used across industries. Here are some of the top industries which have benefited hugely from Augmented Reality solutions with our help.


AR is actually the perfect environment for surgeons to work on their skills. KenHike has helped its clients develop solutions for the healthcare sector.


This is another industry which has benefitted from AR. The days of looking at a blueprint an umpteen number of times are gone. With our help, you can now create an AR 3D blueprint of your construction site. This will help you and others refer to the blueprint with ease and get work done on time.


AR is a great tool in customer engagement in the retail world. If you have a retail business, KenHike offers solutions that will help you make the most of the virtual world.

As you can see, Augmented Reality solutions have already come a long way and is meant to stay. For customized AR solutions for your business, contact us today.